What type of gps location bracelets available?


There are many different types of bracelets available for different persons. They may vary depending on the price, the features they have, and the material shape and design they are built in.

Some cheaper GPS location bracelets may be less accurate than those with bigger price.


Some of the GPS location bracelets that you can buy are :

GPS Kid’s Locator Bracelet – Kids Bracelet

These bracelets are available in two different color pink and black and are great for both genders. It has a feature to send you an alarm message on your email if the bracelet is removed. The GPS Kid’s Locator Bracelet, as the name says, is meant for tracking and monitor your kids.

It is built from high quality materials and steel reinforced locking mechanism which is indestructible.

It weights 1.8 ounces, the battery life is three to eight hours and used by kids of age from 3 to 12 years. It can be used on AT&T and T-Mobile networks and is water resistant and could be used on rainy days.

The bracelet cannot be used indoors.

The annual cost for monthly subscription for tracking service and real-time location show, and alarm messages through email and SMS are from 109$ to 198$.

The price for buying the GPS tracking bracelet is 200$.

S-911 GPS Bracelet Tracker – Medical Bracelet

This expensive GPS medical tracking bracelet. It’s black and stylish, has 2 hone buttons, green to start and red to end call. It offers many features like different language option setting that could help you adjust the bracelet to work in different countries.

Real time monitor of person well being and touch screen for calling doctor, police, fire department or ambulance. It can work indoors as well as outdoor, it is water proof and shock resistant.

The cost for services and subscription can range from 25$ to 80$ for real-time monitoring plan and you pay 70$ for activation.

Great medical GPS tracking bracelet for anyone with money.

Mighty GPS Bracelet Tracker – Sport Bracelet

Great GPS tracking bracelet for sports like hiking and hunting. Manufacturer says this is the tiniest tracker to wear on the wrist, weights only 7.2 ounces, and is water and shock resistant.

It transmits latitude and longitude coordinates to your cell phone and by utilizing Google Maps or other mapping software you can find and track the exact location of certain individual.

It has unique style which stands out from the rest bracelets. It has SOS features, SMS text and cell phone alerts and mapping services for tracking location and finding exact position of the user.

Great sport GPS tracking bracelet with sleek design, built from quality materials and affordable price that goes from 370$ per unit.

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