Which Mobile phone tracking devices can be used by police?


The modern world of technology has shrunk the world into a global village. The distances do not matter anymore. The surveillance of the law enforcement agencies is becoming sharp and focused day by day. Nobody is now out of the reach of the law enforcement agencies like the police and CID. This is actually a two pronged thing in terms of its effects and expansion.


This strategy has made the personal lives of the people vulnerable at one hand and effectively controlled the crime on the other hand.

Police use many phone tracking devices for their operation against the investigation of several issues in their crime diary. The use of these devices has complemented their traditional approach to solve the cases and helped them to devise proactive approaches on the other hand.

This technology is no doubt very much beneficial to the police in preventing, identifying and investigating the crimes. Mobile phone tracking by police has become a very common practice all over the world and certain rules and regulations govern such practices under the law.

Many criminals get astonished, when they are caught by the police authorities at their hidden sanctuaries. All the methods of the foolproof arrangement with them, get failed and they are not happy over that. Everyone is curious about what are the mobile phone tracking devices that are used by the police to penetrate for their purpose.

Many devices are used and one of the most commonly used device is known as Stringray. These devices are very much important for the police authorities. The Police normally refuse to reveal such details to the public, but it is on the surface now. Police may be listening to your call and reading your text messages nationwide. This practice is used to identify and catch the suspects of a severe nature.

This suitcase sized device, stingray, pretends to be a cellular tower of a mobile operator to get all of your information. The police does not share any deals of a secret nature between the manufacturer and its working.

This device traps all the cell phones in the corresponding area to consider it as a cell tower and send all the data to it. This solves the purpose of the police as they need only the information. There is still a mystery about the capability of the string ray as to what it can capture. It can range from all of your contacts, messages, photos of your location details as well. Therefore, one of the best devices that is available in the market and works just like a live cell phone tracker, is this stingray. It can be considered among the best devices available right now.

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